Reebok 910 Treadmill Review

Reebok 910 Treadmill

Reebok 910 Treadmill

Given the price range that the Reebok 910 treadmill falls in, some may consider it to be a bit more of an investment than they were initially considering. After fully reviewing it, I found that it’s a fantastic value that has loads of usable features, and I hope you give it a closer look.

This is a treadmill that is more geared to running, but light joggers and even those who want to have a treadmill in their home to walk on when the weather isn’t so great would certainly benefit from the Reebok 910.

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This machine has so many great features, but my favorite has to be the cushioned track. If you have ever had to run on a treadmill that doesn’t have cushioning, you know that it can result in knee and ankle pain. The Reebok 910’s Zig Tech cushioning reduces that jarring when your foot falls on the track, and helps to minimize joint injury.

The Reebok 910 also has a nice, large running belt with a surface area of 20” by 60′. It has a great speed range of 0 to 12 MPH, and can create up to a 15% incline to increase the difficulty of your run. The 3 CHP motor seems to be very durable, and is very quiet compared to similar models.

This treadmill has 30 different workout programs, which is probably more than the average person needs, so you know you’re covered. The large console has several clearly labeled buttons that make it easy to change to any speed or incline that you want almost instantly.

Reebok 910 consoleThe extras on the 910 are fantastic – they actually work really well! The fan is actually quite good at moving air, and it’s positioned at an optimal angle to actually cool you down and not just blow air in your face. Likewise, the 910’s speakers actually sound pretty decent.

It does take a little bit to assemble, and is quite heavy, but once it’s up and running, the Reebok 910 is a very solid and stable treadmill that is built to last. It’s also equipped with an IFIT wifi module for those of you who are a little more techie and want a little more motivation.

The Reebok 910 treadmill is a great choice if you are looking for a well-built treadmill that will last. It’s a great value for its price, and it’s covered by a very reasonable warranty. So far, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

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