Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Ab Carver Pro is a wheel-style exerciser designed by a Navy SEAL to help work your core muscles. It had a minor release in mid-2012 with a full release of the product just in time for your 2013 New Years Resolution. Its special design is patent pending.

This is an exercise tool that is made for those looking for a new way to target their entire core muscle group. It would probably work for anyone, though those with lower back issues should probably consult with their physician before use.

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Possibly the most efficient way to work your core and create definition is with the Ab Carver Pro. All it takes to use it is to kneel on the included knee pads, grab the ergonomic handles, and roll on the floor! Now, before you say, “That’s too easy,” I can confirm that though this may seem like its only targeting one major muscle group, it really is working so much more. You will feel it, and you will feel it fast.

Unlike other ab wheel exercisers, the beauty of the Ab Carver Pro is that the super-thick wheel can be angled to let you roll to the side as well as straight forward. How does this benefit you? It doesn’t limit you to working just your core and abs, but also your obliques, arms, chest and thighs. The large, rubber wheel also works with carpet or hard surfaces.

ab carver pro side viewThere is a lot going on inside the wheel, too. Every time you extend yourself, something similar to a spring or a giant elastic band wraps around the rod, giving you a bit of resistance when you push yourself out. But when you start to retract back to your starting position – which can become very difficult very fast – the energy stored in this spring begins to release and helps push you back.

When you start, especially if you haven’t done much core work, you will need to start out very slow, and keep your reps down to just a few a day, otherwise you might strain your back. The guide also explains how to use a wall as a buffer from injury as you build your strength. As your core muscles all become stronger, you can add more.

Even those that do have a pretty strong core will be amazed at how quickly they will feel their muscles tire. This is why Perfect Fitness calls for Quality, not Quantity. Many great beginner tips and form recommendations can be found in the guide, as well as how to design your Ab Carver Pro workout.

I recommend the Ab Carver Pro for those who aren’t feint of heart — or back. It will kick your abs and arms into shape faster than just about any other exercise there is. For the price, it’s certainly worth a shot.

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